October 04, 2011

Think Pink!

As we all know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! So I am dedicating this post to Breast Cancer & my beautiful mother.

My mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer a little more than 5 years ago and thankfully kicked cancers ass and is happy and healthy. My mother is the most amazing woman in the world, so strong, fearless and selfless. She has been there for me through everything and I honestly don't know where I would be in this crazy, beautiful world if it wasn't for her. Almost everything I know about love and life is from what she has taught me in the last 25 years. I thank god everyday for keeping her in me and my brothers lives. I hope you all know that breast cancer can effect men and woman of all ages and to make sure you do self checks as well as being aware at all times. Make sure you look for Breast Cancer Walks in your area and donate!
So I chose to wear pink in honor of breast cancer awareness!
{Shirt-Gifted; Watch, jeans, blazer, shoes, sunnies- GUESS; Belt-Aldo}

I accidently forgot to photograph my watch, but it also is a breast cancer watch!
Hope all you lovelies have an amazing day & dont forget- Feel your Boobies!

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