November 22, 2011


I'm going to PARIS!!!
I cannot contain my excitement at all. I wish you all could have seen my expressions when we made the final decisions.{maybe I should have video taped it..ha!} Anyways, You've all seen the movie " Midnight in Paris" I'm assuming. If not, no biggie, neither have I.. But go watch it! My mother and I will be traveling with a few family friends to the "Midnight in Paris" Woman's Writing retreat. I'm not big on writing but I'm trying to get into it more {especially considering I have a blog}. So this will be an amazing experience for me and I am ecstatic. I have wanted to go to Paris for as long as I can remember. I have 6 months to learn as much french as possible, as well as get the perfect outfits!
PS. We will also be celebrating my mothers 50th! Not sure if she wants the blogging world to  know that but its out there now! How fabulous is that? celebrating your 50th in Paris! eeek!

GUESS- Ruffle Sweater & Sunglasses
Bakers- Black Suede Pumps
Express- Tights
Target- Polka Dot Skirt
F21- "I Heart Paris" Tee
That's my gramps little dog Heidi- I think If I give her a little beret she would fit in perfectly with the Paris Scene!

Any information on Paris that I need to know is welcome..
Enjoy your Tuesday
Au Revoir- Ashley

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