December 13, 2011

Black & Tan

Unfortunately, this will be my last outfit post for about a week. I have a super busy day today with appointments. Tomorrow Morning I'm flying back out to Atlanta to clean my apartment and pack the rest of my furniture up!  J and I are road-tripping it back to Maine this weekend, which should be a lot of fun, I love a good road trip, especially with my boyfriend! {lets see how long it takes for me to bug him with my sweet rapping skills, maybe if you guys are lucky, ill post a video ha!} I will have about two days to relax, then ill be getting my wisdom teeth removed.  I have gone through a lot of pain with this things being sideways in my mouth, so despite the pain ill be in, I cant wait for them to be gone! If you want to send flowers or gifts, that would be so sweet of you..{im kidding..kind of}
I hope you all enjoy your week and get all that Christmas Shopping done!

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