December 08, 2011

Who would you invite?

The holidays are right around the corner and I know most of you, if not all, have at least one Holiday Party to attend, whether it be your own, a work party or a family/friends party. So that being said, If you could invite anyone to the party, who would it be? I came up with a small list {because lets be honest, I could probably come up with quite a list if I didn't keep it to a minimum} of who I would most definitely invite if I could invite anyone, take a look!

{Lauren Conrad-Been a huge fan since the days of "Laguna Beach"}

{Sarah Jessica Parker-I love her, especially as Carrie Bradshaw}

{Christian Louboutin-I think just having him on my list speaks for itself}

Last but not least
{My Grammy June, because I miss her SO much & would give anything in the world to see her again}

So there is my short but sweet list of who I would invite to my holiday party.
Who would you invite & why?

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