June 25, 2012

Double Orange

[Orange striped clutch-Francesca's, Distressed shorts-AE, Sheer Floral Shirt & hat-H&M]

Here I am again, fulfilling my need for the color orange in my closet. As well as my new obsession of sleeveless collared blouses. Be prepared to see more of those on here than anything. I swear, I always feel as though I need to apologize for my being absent, but then again, you all know how life is. Unless your blogging full-time(which I would absolutely love), it gets a little tough to keep up, at least for me anyways. I long for the weekends to be here so I can relax, read my book( Fifty shades darker at the moment) and take outfit photos. I end up pretty much just relaxing and throwing on a pair of yoga pants or an outfit not so worthy of blog photos for you all to see. 

I am getting super giddy as this Wednesday quickly approaches me. I will be flying out late that night to Atlanta, seeing the MR. with arms wide open for me to jump into(jumps up and down with excitement) I have a mini photo-shoot planned for Thursday Evening, some blog photos and some others just for a good friends(the photographer-J2 photography) portfolio. I am beyond excited, usually when we work together, I am styling the shoot, which I love as well, but I am excited to be the "model" if you will. Friday we will hopefully relax in the sun as well as the AC. Saturday morning, pack up his car and head north! 
We have talked many times already about the right time to move back to Georgia, when the time is right, it will happen! Something to look forward to for the future. For now, I am just looking forward to catching up on lost time with HIM<3 & soon meeting my niece Gianna! 

wow, I am long winded tonight, lucky you! 
hope you all have a fantastic week, and I will have some other outfit posts for you before I head off to Atlanta!


ps. apologizing for the way my face is looking in these photos, I literally just rolled off the massaging bed a few minutes before and was still half asleep. Best hour of my life that massage was, let me tell you!

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