December 27, 2012

Denim, dots & dreams

Old Navy Sweater, Walmart Denim Shirt, Target Necklace, Express Jeans, Guess Pumps & Watch, F21 & UO Bracelets
I am currently looking for a new job here and there. My current position contract at Liberty Mutual is up in February and I am so ready to get back into the fashion world. Working at LM has been such a blessing and I have met some amazing friends while there. Although the dress code is business casual and I can somewhat show off my fashion, there are still items I cannot wear to work and it kills me to have it in my closet, unworn. I just would love to be doing something I absolutely love to do everyday. Being a stylist is not the easiest thing to do in Maine, I do help out friends and family with their closets, which is so much fun. I am just looking for a little more out of it. As you know I do have the most adorable Niece ever, who I would just hate to leave, but with my degree and what I want to do in my life, Maine is not the place for me. I am looking for jobs in the Boston area, nice city with some friends there and still close to home. Besides wanting to be a more successful stylist, a few other dreams of mine would be to own my own shop one day & design a clothing/jewelry line. Every Idea I get is written down so quickly, but with having absolutely NO drawing skills what so ever, it is quite hard to actually capture my exact vision.  
There ya have it, I am just a busy bee spending my time job searching and brainstorming ways to make my dreams come true!
wish me luck!
Hope you are all enjoying your Holiday week!
ps. I am currently snowed in to the max! It has been quite a relaxing day spent with my mom, lounging with the dog & kitty, job hunting & watching my guilty pleasure TV shows.

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