December 04, 2012

In the Hood

Jones of New York Hooded Trench Coat, Old Navy Leopard Scarf, AE Jeans
There is a sweet lady that I work with who is an amazing photographer. I had seen some of her work around her desk area of flowers and animals, but never any portraits of people. After talking with her about my blog and photography, she agreed to take some of my photos for me.
As you can seem from above, she does quite an amazing job. There are only a few as she was just getting used to a new lens and I was getting used to posing outside of the work building ha!
The second I saw this jacket, it was love at first site. The military green with the pockets & the hood, I was sold. Not to mention the fact that it was only $25 off of $200. Now thats what I can a steal if ive ever seen one!
Hope you enjoy, I'm headed off to a long day of work..

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