March 21, 2013

Where I have been..

Hello Loves
No pictures for you right now, just wanted to share where I have been lately and why I have been neglecting my blog.
First off, I started a new job, so I have not had the pleasure of working with a photographer anymore, although I am now working back in the fashion Industry, which makes me happy. I have no been able to take any blog photos since getting the new job, training and getting used to my new schedule has been fun but tiring.
Second, Last Saturday, my grandpa had a stroke ={ Things were a little rough in the beginning. He still has all his mobility and can walk and move on his own. He unfortunately cannot speak due to damage done to his throat muscles. He also cannot swallow, so he is on a feeding tube. There is still a little bleeding in his brain, but it is stable. He is in such good spirits and is totally back to himself again, which makes my family and I extremely Happy. He is in a rehab center for PT, OT & speech Therapy until he can get is muscles strong enough to be able to speak better and be able to eat.
Very sad and scary moments this past weekend but so thankful for all the prayers and positive thoughts from everyone, its very much appreciative.
While this is going on in my life, I will probably be MIA from my blog a little while long. I will try to upload photos from a few weeks ago and post for you when i have the time.
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Thanks for understanding & the encouraging words!

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