November 13, 2013

Workout Wednesday

 Photos Via Pinterest

This past summer I was running as much as I could and eventually got myself to start eating as healthy as I could. It was hard to get started and focus but after a while, I started seeing results, my clothes fit bigger and differently. A lot of people also started to notice my weight loss, which made me want to just keep going more and more. My mind and body was feeling amazing. Running for me was so therapeutic that if I wasn't running or sweating, I just wasn't in the best of moods. Even when I was on vacation in Miami, after a long night of drinking, I was getting up early to hit the gym. I loved how this lifestyle was turning out. 
Come September, things started to get stressful at home. My Grandpa not doing well at all and declining rapidly, I started to get stressed and stopped working out because I couldn't focus. 
If you have been following my blog recently, you know that my Grandpa passed away on September 23rd. It hit me hard, but at the same time It just didn't feel real to me. I didn't believe that he was really gone. I stopped working out, stopping eating healthy and didn't really care. I had to just grieve and feel the sadness. Almost 2 months later, I am missing my Grandpa more than anything right now and its starting to make me really not care about what I am putting in my body at all. 
The other morning I woke up with the worst stomach ache and knew I had to stop eating the bad things I was eating and start to get back that focus. No more sweets or processed foods. Lots of water & fruit.  
Thanks to pinterest for giving me that kick of motivation I needed this morning. Although it is cold absolutely freezing outside, there are so many workouts I can do at home to get me back to where I want to be! 

What do you all do to stay fit & motivated?!


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