October 26, 2011

I got the blues

Ive come to the conclusion that when I find a pair of good fitting denim, I should purchase more than one pair. I have the problem of wearing out my denim so much that they end up with rips and tears and then I am so upset I cannot wear them anymore. I know I cant be the only one this happens to. Right? Well denim lovers, I have discovered Denim Therapy. All you have to do is ship them your damaged denim, they email you an estimate, they repair and return your denim like its brand new! How fabulous is that! I think this is just an amazing idea and such a money saver.

{Everything I'm wearing is GUESS, Inc}

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to show these babies off due to my batteries dying

Have any of your lovelies used these services or do you/someone else repair your damaged denim for you??

Have a great Wednesday dolls!

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