October 30, 2011


I know I know, the pictures are blurry and its not a good look. I have no idea what was going on with the camera at all but it was so cold and I just wanted to show my outfit without having to redo them.I wore these same boots and Blazer with a dress here. I love how they make an outfit look so put together. I'm still not used to the weather yet since I went from a perfect 75 degrees to a cold 35 degrees within 2 days plus a huge snowstorm that I was not expecting, especially in October! Anyways, sorry for the malfunction of my camera but its up and running much better for tomorrows post!
Hope you all had a fabulous weekend full of Costumes and Halloween Parties!

1 comment:

  1. This outfit is PERFECT!! I really want some boots like those that go over the knee with some over the knee wool socks. Two thumbs up on this one!