November 04, 2011

On The Rocks

 Sunglasses, Denim, Leopard flats, Earrings- GUESS Inc
Black Top- Target
Military Style Jacket- Nordstrom Rack
Scarf- Ann Taylor (borrowed from Meghan)

Yesterday my good friend Meghan and I headed to Portland Head Light/Fort Williams for a few pictures. The weather was beautiful yet windy, as you can see from my crazy hair. We actually got quite a few pictures of the fort but nothing showing off my casual outfit of the day too much so I chose to go with these specific ones on the rocks with the lighthouse in the background. These pictures don't do any justice to the real thing but are still beautiful. This place was so quiet and peaceful, I will definitely be back for more pictures come spring time. A special thanks to Meghan for taking these amazing pictures for me today.

Off to Rhode Island tomorrow for some girl time and Sushi with another good friend!

{PS. A special thanks to my mother for being my photographer since moving back to Maine as well as my Mr. for helping me get my blog started in Atlanta..xoxo}

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  1. Beautiful background! Cute outfit, perfect for a day at the park.