April 16, 2012

Floral Skulls

[Aldo Sunnies, Old Navy tee, Target Skirt, Guess watch, sandals & bracelets, Charming Charlies Skull necklace]

I pretty much love everything about this outfit and how casual cool it is. A few things that I am not loving so much is that I am extra white(yuck) & the fact that the outfit doesn't photograph quite as well as it looks in person(or at least how i think it looks) I think if I add a yellow top it will make me a little happier! Anyways, just a relaxing outfit for relaxing weekend.  Yesterday my mama & I went to a psychic fair ( my mom is big into spiritual-ness & I'm slowly following in her footsteps) I got a numerology reading & I must say, it blew my mind what came up about my numbers, my life in the past & the future, and just over all, I got some amazing information. I highly recommend it. I will definitely keep you all updated on my life and if anything comes from what was mentioned.

Hope your weekends were amazing!

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