November 09, 2012


Just a quick post of some photos that were taken in July at some point. I love the look of this outfit, causal but dressy. I am obsessing over denim right now and currently looking for the perfect long sleeve denim shirt and possibly a fun denim shirt as well.  Looking at these photos makes me miss the warm sunshine of summer time &  makes me miss  the person who took them. (jarvis, more to come on that topic when I actually have the time to sit down and write it out) It's bittersweet looking at them.
 We had our first snow yesterday and although it was somewhat pretty,i wasn't impressed. The only thing that excites me about this too cold, snowy winter ahead of us is of course the fashion. The layers, boots, and winter accessories!
I am watching my little niece at the moment, so I'm off here for now, more to come soon though!
Feels so good to be back!
xo A

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