December 06, 2012

Let me see ya grill

Gap Leopard print sweater, Target belt & pants, Steve madden booties, Guess bomber jacket

I can remember a time in my life for a short period of time where my teeth did not bother me one bit. I cannot say that as of late. I am starting to feel a little self conscious for some reason about my teeth. All I want is pearly white, straight pretty teeth, is that too much to ask?   Trust me, I do know that it is quite a process for all of that to happen, but I swear, the second I get some amazing dental insurance, they will be my new besties until I get what I want. lol 
To help speed up this pearly white process, I have been testing out some different whitening toothpaste to see if any of them really do work. I was using Colgate white for a while but wasn't impressed. I recently went to my favorite place ever (target) and picked up some Rembrandt Deeply white + peroxide. I rush home with excitement to try it out (silly, I know, but that's how bad i want white teeth) I rip open the box, and twist the cap off and squeeze onto my toothbrush. NOTHING but air comes out, literally nothing. I squeeze and squeeze and just plain ol air comes out. I thought for sure someone was playing a trick on me, but nope. I am not quite sure what happened there, but I quickly returned the empty tube and got a new one full of fresh minty toothpaste and am about to try it the minute I'm done typing this. Wish me luck! 

What do you loves do to keep your grills pearly white?! share your secrets please!!


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