July 08, 2017

West Coast Love

My 31st Birthday Trip to the West Coast 

LA & the Palms(My absolute favorite thing in the world)


 Reconnected with an RI friend who lives in Vegas now!

 Back to California

Melrose Ave

Runyon Canyon

Redondo Beach, Venice & Santa Monica

 Those two on the left I met last July in Alaska, they made such an impact on me and we kept in touch, so great seeing them again
The guy on the right, met him in Miami when I was 19 years old.. 12 years later we are still good friends!

Back at the end of January, for my 31st Birthday, I took the trip I have been wanting to take since I was little. The west coast was amazing for my birthday trip. Spending time with old friends and meeting new ones, exploring all the greatness of California and Vegas was just amazing and I cannot thank everyone enough for showing me the best of times and I cannot wait to go back and see so much more!


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